Pics Of The Litter
It's a Great Combination
Dennis Gillson brings 40 years of photography experience while Cheryl Huffman of Smart Paws Academy offers 25 years of pet training experience along with 20 years in the photo industry.  Together, they create outstanding portraits of your pets.
Cheryl, being an animal trainer, works with your pet(s) in the studio until
they are relaxed and feel comfortable.  Dennis works the camera, and is
ready to push the shutter release as soon as that special pose occurs.
We never hurry you or your pet.  We’re all here to have a good time!
Complete Service Studio
Pics of the Litter offers a full range of custom photos, as well as a unique line of pet related items combining photographs and computer graphics.
Whether you want a portrait of a new member of your pet family, or of  a pet you've had for years, NOW is the time to call Pics Of The Litter to schedule a date and place for your portrait sitting.
This Is Who We Are
Do you think our studio is too far away from you?
We’ve heard people say “we’d love to have you photograph our pet but we
live so far away from Oregon City.”   Often, just the “sitting” trip to the
studio is needed.  The rest can be taken care of by regular mail and your
email, saving you time and money.
We offer complete
indoor studio
We can travel to
your home, or a
selected photo
site for the sitting
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