Pics Of The Litter
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OK, So it’s really not magic!
Here is where the combination of photography and the computer really shines.
It used to be that composite photographs took hours and hours of cut and paste,
air brushing and still the result looked like a cut out, BUT now with the computer
we can put together a composite that rivals an original photograph.  See the results
below in examples of some of the composites done at Pics
A client came to us with some snapshots of their beloved cat that had passed on.
They wanted a portrait to hang on the wall.  Snaps on the left were available for us.
For the main pose
For the eyes
For fur color
Computer  background
Our final composite !
Sometimes all the puppies will
sit in a row and  “pose” for
the camera...
And then again there are times
when it’s impossible!  Then it’s
time to use the computer!
Resulting composite from individual shots below